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Health Care Reform: What Inquiring Medical Writers Need to Know

The following MP3 files are recordings from the AMWA-DVC dinner meeting panel discussion about health care reform on May 15, 2013 in Fort Washington, PA.  The first 3 segments represent the introductory remarks of each panelist. The fourth segment is a comment from one of the panelists after each of the 3 panelists had spoken. The fifth segment is the first 24 minutes or so of the Q&A session. This is our chapter’s first attempt to record a presentation for uploading to our website in recent years. It is being made available free of charge. Neil Goldfarb and Dyana Tanasy prefaced their comments by indicating that they were speaking for themselves only and not for their employers.

Please note that there may be a slight delay before each recording begins. Thanks for your patience!

Jane Sarasohn-Kahn, MA (Econ.), MHSA (public health policy), THINK-Health, health economist and management consultant
Ms. Sarasohn-Kahn’s strategic health consultancy THINK-Health focuses at the nexus -of health care and technology. Her toolkit includes environmental analysis, strategic planning, forecasting, and health policy analysis. Ms. Sarasohn-Kahn has assisted every segment of the health care industry throughout her career including technology and medical device companies; educational institutions; pharmaceutical manufacturers and distributors; health care providers; payers and plans; consumer products companies; non-profits; and financial services firms. She maintains a health policy blog at http://healthpopuli.com/.

Jane Sarasohn-Kahn’s presentation

Neil I. Goldfarb, Executive Director of the Greater Philadelphia Business Coalition on Health (GPBCH)
GPBCH is a membership organization of employers in the greater Philadelphia area. Its mission is to help members improve the value of health benefit spending by enhancing health care quality and reducing health care costs. Mr. Goldfarb is a former Associate Dean for Research in the Jefferson School of Population Health, focused on researching healthcare quality and value. Mr. Goldfarb is speaking for himself only and not for the coalition or its members.

Neil Goldfarb's presentation

Dyana Tanasy, Director, Strategic Initiatives, Horizon Blue Cross and Blue Shield of New Jersey
Ms. Tanasy is responsible for developing strategic initiatives to ensure that her company, a major area insurer, thrives in a post-health care reform environment. Specifically, she is developing consumer-focused capabilities to enable Horizon to meet the needs of its changing customer base. Ms. Tanasy is speaking for herself only and not for Horizon.

Dyana Tamasy's presentation

Jane Sarasohn-Kahn’s comments in response to those of Neil Goldfarb and Dyana Tanasy