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 Freelance Resources

Information Presented at Previous AMWA-DVC Freelance Workshops
Sixth Annual Freelance Workshop, April 12, 2008
Is Medical Conference Coverage For You? by Maria B Vinall, Medical Communications Depot, Inc. Optimizing Interview Opportunities: Conducting Interviews With Intelligence & Expedience by Keith D’Oria, MA, Managing Editor, Physician’s Weekly & Patient Education Center Strategic Publication Planning: The Role of the Freelance Writer by Tania Dickson, PhD, Director of Editorial and Medical Services, Carus Clinical Communications, an Elsevier business What Peloton Advantage Expects from Freelance Medical Writers by Michael J McLaughlin, MD, Principal, Chief Scientific Officer, Peloton Advantage
Fifth Annual Freelance Workshop, April 21, 2007
Opportunities and Challenges in the Evolving World of CME by Karen M Overstreet, EdD, RPh, FACME What Excerpta Medica Expects From Freelance Medical Writers by Joanna Bligh, MED, RT (Ret), CMA and Rosa Real, MD Website Design and Marketing for Freelance Writers by Susan McCrossin, BS How to Prepare a Winning Proposal by Brian Bass Download the brochure for the Fifth Annual Freelance Workshop
Fourth Annual Freelance Workshop, January 14, 2006
  What Employers Look for in Freelance Medical Writers   by Susan Stein (2.6 MB)
  Adapting Your Writing Style to Your Audience   by Stephanie Phillips, PhD (84 kb)
  Financial Issues for Freelance Writers   by Brian Bass (1.2 MB)
  Brochure for Fourth Annual Freelance Workshop (155 kb)
Third Annual Freelance Workshop, January 15, 2005
  Marketing Yourself as a Freelance   by Barbara Rinehart, MS (100 kb)
  Understanding the Employer's Perspective   by Richard Feldesman (46 kb)
  Legal Issues for Freelance Writers   by Christina M Valente, JD (326 kb)
  Networking Techniques for Freelances   by Robert Hand, MSc (53 kb)
  Brochure for Third Annual Freelance Workshop and Getting Started in Medical Writing (152 kb)
Second Annual Freelance Workshop, January 17, 2004
  Computer Issues for Small Business Owners   by Michael Shapiro (92 kb)
  Internet Medical and Scientific Resources   by Bradley Long, MLS (1236 kb)
  The Business of Freelancing   by Brian Bass (1052 kb)
  Brochure for Second Annual Freelance Workshop (18 kb)
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